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    Amulet International Trading is a manufacturer and exporter of woolen garments, sweater, all kinds of accessories like hats, gloves, socks. scarfs etc. We have been manufacturing and trading woolen goods since 1988. We only use 100% pure natural materials and also 100% eco-friendly dyes from Switzerland to color our goods.

About Amulet International Trading

All sweaters and garments are made by local Nepalese women. Each mostly of the pieces are hand knitted and hand woven to a very high quality, moth proof standard. Each woolen sweater or garments portrays the artistic skill and perfection of highly skilled crafts women who takes the time that is needed to create a special product. Besides this, since few year we are also being engaged in exporting Nepalese all kinds of handicraft goods like cotton garments including all kinds of cotton hand made items like bags, scarfs,cusion cover,bedsheets etc, metal ornaments like neck-wears, bracelets, metal figures,metal tincha. wooden craft like frames, wooden masks and much more. We collect from our reliable suppliers and manufactures as according to our customer's order and delivered the to our customers.Though we are not manufacturer of these goods, we totally ensure our customer that goods we export are of a very high quality made in Nepal. We have been supplying our products in USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Australia and all through out the world. We guarantee each and every product is strictly inspected and quality controlled to a high export standard. We believe you will enjoy doing business with us as we are a family run proprietoeship company. We are well equipped with the latest communication technology system so when we welcome you with all your queries we are able to respond and answer promptly.

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